Sunday, August 12, 2007

They're Here!

This afternoon around 3pm, Ken's mom and brothers pulled up in the rental car! Yay! Ariel had just gotten up from her nap and met them with a huge smile! The came up, and after a brief hiding behind the skirt game, Ariel was out and snuggling with everyone.

We had a nice visit, and then Ariel got a few of her birthday presents early! A talking puppy, and a magnet barn that talks. She was lovin' the fact they were talking, she loves things that make noise. Haha.

She also got a lovely pillow, made by her own Uncle Dan. We picked out the pattern during our visit in April when Dan took me shopping while Ken was teaching. Its a pretty little butterfly for her rocking chair. Don't let the tattoos fool ya, he is a crafty guy. Hee.

Ariel then listened to some cds with her Uncle Jonathan. He wasn't too keen when she kept taking his cd cases, haha, and kept saying, 'um Ariel, that's mine.' (Those who don't know, he has autism, but is very high functioning. Not to mention the most organized guy you would ever meet, and loves things that are orange or purple.)

Then Ariel watched Grammy show off her new toy. Its like a camera that takes pictures and up to 30 minutes of video, and then plugs directly into the computer. Its pretty cool! Ariel enjoyed watching herself, as usual.

She was very happy to have her Grammy here! Can you tell? Hee. At some point today it became very apparent that Ariel is really into the walking thing. She is now preferring to walk rather than crawl. Interesting. She is getting more steady, but today still looked like she was a drunk.

After our visit, we followed them back to the hotel so they could check in. We had dinner there at the restaurant, and Ariel did very well. She loves cucumbers, who knew? We went back to their room and Ariel played with her evil twin in the mirror and kept stealing things out of the suitcases.

We came home and got her into bed, as we have an exciting day planned tomorrow. We are taking the ferry over to the island to go to the Butterfly Gardens and Butchart Gardens. Expect some beautiful pictures tomorrow!

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Dianne said...

Whee! Wish I could be there for the big party. Have fun!! :D

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