Friday, August 03, 2007

A Long Weekend, Eleven Sleeps to Go and a questionnaire!

Yes, we are excited about the long weekend. We like having Daddy home an extra day! We kicked it off by going to dinner tonight... after a slight oops of the meat not being put out to thaw... maybe that was Ken's plan? Heheh. Either way, we went to the Boot and our daughter was a perfect angel. I brought a blueberry muffin for her to snack on while we waited for our food. She was smiling and watching the guy behind the counter blend drinks. It worked out perfectly that the last bite of muffin was followed with our dinner arriving. She ate some of my chicken and fries, drang 2 glasses of water and just grinned. I think she was happy to be with both of us. After her meal, and as we waited for Ken to finish his, she flipped through her animal book, petting the sheep and horse.

People were looking over and smiling at Ariel eat, drink and be merry, deep down I was too. The thought of going out to a restaurant with a baby is very stressful for me. I don't want to ruin other people's night out with a screaming kid. I know its a special treat for us, and I want it to be a fun time, with little stress. Ariel is a generally awesome girl, with a few moments that some might not believe us about. Hahaha. Either way, it was fantastic and when the people said 'hope to see you again', I can really believe they meant it.

We decided to go for a walk into the village. Tonight was another free movie, ET, but since I was having people over the next day, I figured a good bedtime for princess was key. So we got some fruit and diapers at the store, then stopped by the park for some picture fun. I love the Ariel flying one. Too cool! She is such a good model. Kara keeps saying she should model for baby ads, maybe she needs an agent? Hahah. Pay for that future college! Hmmm... that almost sounds like a good plan...

Last night we had over Ken's Aunt Nancy, Uncle Bill and their boys, Ryan and Trevor. When we were out to Michigan in April, we didn't see Bill, so it was his first meeting with Ariel. She liked him, enough to even share all her toys. Awe.

They told us of their day adventure in Vancouver. Cycling in Stanley Park, visiting the aquarium, going to Granville Island and having dinner at a very fancy chinese restaurant. (They even were nice enough to bring us some of their leftovers, yum!)

Tomorrow I have some girlfriends coming over in the morning for a visit, should be fun. Other than that, not much planned... I think Ken is staying a bit late after his classes to do some stuff, so I will have to find something to keep Ariel and I occupied with.

I can't believe in a week Ken's family will be here! And following that (eleven sleeps till the actual day) my little baby becomes a one year old girl! Still not use to that...

And now to close, a questionnaire that I was tagged to do by dear Dianne!

5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago:
- Graduating from High School - yikes!
- Working at Camp Tulahead during the summer
- Starting the Fine Arts program at College
- Thinking I should finally get my drivers license
- Applying for a job at Safeway

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
- Caramel rice cakes
- Ice Tea
- Popcorn
- Cereal
- Tater tots!

5 TV Shows I've Seen Every Episode Of:
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- 7th Heaven
- Sex and the City
- Friends
- Full House... come on, we all have!

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire:
- Give to the church
- Buy a HUGE house to decorate (one that would take years to finish - I love projects)
- Buy a new car, maybe one that is electric or something
- Let my hubby quit working so he could work on his own films and books forever
- Hire personal chef to learn from

5 Bad Habits:
- Procrastinating
- Playing on the computer when I should be cleaning
- Not getting to the gym as much lately... need to get back into the swing again
- Snacking
- Staying up too late

5 Things I Like To Do:
- Read blogs
- Play with Ariel
- Spend time with Ken
- Cook
- Cross stitch

5 Things I Would Never Wear Again:
- The jean jacket with the sleeves riped off, oh I was so BAD!
- Anything yellow, I look terrible in yellow!
- A scrunchie (Had to agree with Dianne on this one, oh man)
- Socks with bells on them, I love Christmas, but thats going too far.... its up there with musical underpants!
- Things that look like maternity clothes when I am NOT pregnant... it causes too many rumors.

5 Favorite Toys:
- My iPod Nano!!!! Its super cute and blue, hee!
- Our camera, its attached to me 24/7
- Sewing machine
- Our rotisserie - its AWESOME!
- Computer

5 Things I Can't Stand:
- Drivers who have nearly hit me while I was walking with the stroller!!!
- Mess (things like overflowing garbage can etc.)
- Smokers (Sorry, I know I have friends and family who smoke, but its gross)
- Rude people
- Being sick

Now it's my turn to tag 5 people. And I tag…
- Ken
- Erin
- Kelly
- Allison
- Sonny
And anyone else who feels this may be fun!

Ariel hopes you have a fun and safe long weekend! Yay for BC Day!

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