Thursday, August 09, 2007

Life with a side of French.

Today was a busy day. Not sure how 2 major things got booked on the same day, but it worked out. This morning was the big picture taking adventure at Sears. We usually get our pictures with Frozen Reflections, but I wanted the cute birthday pic with the giant number one, not sure why, it just seemed cute. So Kara ended up coming along, which was fantastic, since she was able to help wrangle the princess while I was picking proofs. Of course any adventure with me wouldn't be complete without a story. Ugh.

So my appointment was at 930am. We arrive early since traffic was good and had a muffin break in the mall. Ariel was pleased and was in a FANTASTIC mood. I was very excited, as for getting her to pose in a bad mood isn't as easy or enjoyable. We went upstairs to the portrait area and the lights were off... hmm... not a good sign. There is a girl standing there, looking rather confused. I ask her, thinking she is another customer, is no one here? She answers, no, you should come back later. Kara and I exchange a worried glance, um, I have an appointment at 930. She quickly avoids eye contact, and says something about that her boss will arrive soon. So we wait... its now 945am and I ask her if she has a number she can call. 'Oh, yes, I have a cel number, I will call.' *Grumble*

Just as she was ready to call, a guy walks in, not saying much to us and turns on the lights. We weren't sure if this was the photographer or not. When we were finally lead into a room to set up, it was now 10am. Sheesh. The guy comes back and starts setting up. Kara and I were whispering how rude it was not to at least say 'sorry for running late'. I was kinda on the edge, so if this wasn't a good session, it was not gonna be pretty later on. Thankfully, it was! He was very good with Ariel and she was flashing her lovely smile. Thankfully with Kara's help, we were able to avoid all 'dorky' backgrounds! I think he was a little bummed I didn't want the cheesy garden path, which from an artistic opinion, was totally out of perspective! Better stick with the neutral ones with me. Haha. (In the picture, Ariel is showing Kara where her favorite shops are, lol). EDIT: There is more I could say about the lady we first met that morning, but its over and I plan on writing a letter or something. Blah.

So here are the top 3 in my opinion. I placed an order and will pick up in a little more than a week. Yay.

Came home and got Ariel fed and to bed for a nap. I was hoping to get a break myself, but I had some work come in and I had to have a good laugh. The project I am currently working on is funded by the government, so it of course has to be available in both official languages. So I got to do the French version today... I am starting to think it might have been helpful to take it in high school instead of German, oh well. I like my German, hee.

Got that started but then had to leave for my hair appointment, and boy am I happy! Its awesome! Ken thought it was great, and I loved getting to sit for a few hours getting some pretty hair and reading trashy magazines. Whee.

After dinner, we went for our evening walk and park visit. Ariel was having a great time on the hills. She has been really walking a lot more these days, and I know its a matter of time before its all she really does... strange.

Tomorrow is baking day! I will be baking and freezing the various cake layers for the party. Should be interesting. I have 3 various cake sizes to make. 2 will make up the main cake, the last one is for Ariel's personal smasher cake. I think I finally worked out in my head how the cake will be decorated. I wasn't sure for the longest time and was looking at various ones online for ideas. In the end, it was somewhat a combo of a few things I saw, and some I thought would look cool... we will see if that is the case soon enough.

I also have been working on Ariel's scrapbook, trying to get it caught up. I am only doing it for the big firsts of her first year of life. That way I can make sure its a do-able project when we add to the family down the road.

Feeling better today, still a bit moody, but looking forward to Ken's week off and some fun days. Whee.


Dianne said...

Pretty! I want your hair.

Jay said...

Awe, thanks! :)

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