Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The past few days have been much quieter, but not less busy. Makes it hard to recover from such an amazing but draining week of fun, fun, fun! I fell asleep on the couch today while Ariel was napping. It was wonderful, but there is much to catch up on.

Sunday was a sleep in day. We missed church, doh, but got the extra rest we needed. Ariel slept in too, so it was nice for us all. We then headed over to Dad and Rita's to pick up all the stuff we left the night before. We got to install the new car seat for princess

Here is before in the baby seat, facing backwards....

Now facing forward in a big girl seat!

We had leftovers while there, even a bit of birthday cake. Yum. Ariel and Daddy played some guitar together, she is such a musical girl. Forget Raffi, this girl is playing Clapton already... ok, not quite. Hehe.

We got all her presents packed up into boxes to go in the car. I still can't believe we made it all fit. I spent most of yesterday taking things out of the packaging. That's a long job... and difficult too. These are kids toys, and they are practically bolted down. Sheesh.

Afterwards, we went to the Quilt walk and Car show that was down in the village. Saw some cute cars (so not into them, but oh well) and beautiful quilts. Ariel helped Stella do some sewing.

Ariel's birthday quilt was in one of the windows, so we had to get a picture of her with it.

Its not a Ladner event without the big sea gull. Hehehe.

Lots of cute cars.

Ariel crashed during our walk, which gave me a chance to try out some of the sewing machines. I so would love to get a new one, as mine is on its last leg. The one I love is half price, but it would be my Christmas, birthday and anniversary present... which I wouldn't mind at all. We shall see...

We had dinner at Pete and Sue's place. When we pulled in, we heard Chole yell, 'Ariel's here!' Its so not about us anymore. Hahaha! Unfortunately, Sue was called away for most of the evening as a member of our church family died that evening. Its sad to think the night before we were celebrating life... then the next day is this. We will be praying for his family...

Although, there was this overhanging sadness, we still had a wonderful evening with their family. Ariel loved playing with the kids. They both want to babysit her down the road... I may take them up on that.

Other than the catching up of things to do and swimming lessons this week, we have been dealing with stuff breaking. Argh. The computer is really on its last leg. The D Drive totally died, as well as the dvd burner and cd drive. Making my job at home a bit harder, since I had to redo some stuff. Poo. Then last night the vacuum didn't work. I had to take it in this morning, and thankfully its an easy plug problem, so yay.

I am picking up Ariel's birthday pics this Friday, and then will start the task of thank you cards. Also I need to start the slide show for my 10 year reunion. I can't believe its coming up so fast... what am I gonna wear... that's the most important thing right? Hahaha.


kelly said...

happy recovering!! :)
who passed away?

Jay said...

Mike Essex :(

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