Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Party of the Year!

Yes, we had the most amazing time!!! It was great, everything went sooo well. The weather even worked out... was a little worried about the 'rain' that was predicted. We had only a few droplets, and no one even noticed. We had balloons and fairies in the trees and a bubble machine that was very popular most of the night.

We welcomed everyone and the kids got to play fishpond. Its something that was always at me and Mike's birthday parties, so we had to do it. Kara and Chris did a great job running it for us. Thanks guys.

Lots of snacks and goodies to munch on as people mingled. We rented a punch fountain too, very cute. Ariel loved visiting with her guests and eating their food. The personalized M&Ms were a hit!

Then we read the story we wrote for Ariel. We used to get it made into a book for her. I am glad we got it all on video, because the reaction was priceless!

Then came dinner of chicken, burgers, hot dogs and salads! There wasn't much left, so it must have been good. My Dad is the BBQ king.

As people finished their dinner, we started the video montage we made. (I posted it on Aug 14th if you missed it) The kids loved seeing pictures of themselves with Ariel, I made sure to include one of each of the kids coming to the party. I managed not to cry this time, but it was close.

Bring on the cake! Ariel started with hers. You should have seen the wall of cameras, move over Britney Spears! The kids cheered and everyone laughed as the cake was destroyed. Yummy.

Then we got our cake, the mountain of pink! The bottom layer was vanilla and the top was chocolate, so everyone got a piece (or both) of their favorite flavor. In the end, there really wasn't much left of it either.

Some more visiting, Ariel was requested by her guests to open some gifts. Since she really isn't into it, we had some help. In the end it was a huge paper fight. Haha. She got some lovely gifts! Some new toys, some clothes and money for the education fund. Today we will install her new car seat, and she will be facing forward, yay! Jack even made her (almost finished) a rocking horse like Colin's that she plays with at their house. What a blessed little girl she is.

After we say goodbye to all our friends, we cleaned up and packed up one very tired princess back into the car. She slept all night... hope you had fun Ariel. We love you.

Well, since I had so many pictures, I put them together into a quick video. Of course I had to pick one of Ariel's favorite songs. So enjoy, and feel like you were there too!


Dianne said...

Great pictures! How difficult do you think it would be to ship a piece of that cake out here? :)

Jay said...

If there was any left, then I might have tried to figure that out. Seriously, the food was TOTALLY gobbled up, so I guess it was good. :)

I could send you the cake recipe if you are craving cake... hmm cake.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I actually cried, John showed me your blog site and it`s great. Happy Birthday Ariel from Ken, Kathleen and Kyle. We need to get a picture of her on a horse! When are you coming over???LOL

kelly said...

I've been waiting for some time to actually watch the video. So here I sit with Taeya full of fever, on my lap, and we watched it!
wow, you really went all out for the party. everything looked AMAZING, especially the cakes!!!!

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