Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The countdown countines...

I am a flood of emotions at the moment... some good, some bad... thus leaving me in a state of 'duh'. Trying to finish all my projects and things before the family arrives on Sunday afternoon. Keep telling myself, inhale pink, exhale blue. Kara asked about the statement, and I couldn't remember how I learned it... I think it was in college or something. Either way, its funny to me, and that makes me feel at ease. Also feeling a bit bewildered, but it will pass. I take things too seriously I guess. So dang sensitive!!! Blah.

Kara came for dinner tonight and then rushed off to her rehearsal. She is choreographing a production of Pirates of Penzance. Woot. Since she was on a tight timeline, we ate early before Ken got home. Ariel the pacman, ate her plate of chicken, broccoli and potatoes. Then a slice of watermelon for dessert. Yum. I don't know where the girl puts it all. Haha.

Tomorrow morning Kara is joining me as we go off to Sears for pictures for Ariel. Then later that day while the princess sleeps, I will be leaving her with Nana so I can go get my mane of hair dealt with. Its really long, and I keep thinking I should cut it... but I don't think I would do anything drastic... just a clean up would be nice.

Ok, back to the list... sigh. Also, in case you were wondering, six sleeps until the big 'ONE'. Thank goodness there are a few more sleeps until the party. Hehehe.

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