Friday, August 17, 2007

Is there really a bog monster?

We never did find out... hehe. Today was Burns Bog day, and its was really beautiful. I totally suggest going if you haven't been. Its really amazing. We walked along the boardwalk through the trees.

Ariel played Girl Guide and studied the pine cones.

When she wasn't just enjoying being pushed around while she rested.

There really isn't much more I can say, you have to see it to get the scope of it all.

Dinner was an awesome fish feast at Sharkies! Yum. I heart seafood!

Early that morning, we had a birthday breakfast for Papa. Ross and his girlfriend Jamie and the 3 kids, Dad, Rita, Dud, Marg, Bill and Penny were there. A long table of 15 happy people. We were laughing and talking and then this elderly lady came up and commented that she was enjoying sitting next to such a happy family. She had to come tell us how wonderful it was. That's a very special in my books.

In the end we took some pics of the new cousins together. I am sure its just as difficult as it was for them to organize all of us back then. Hehe.

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