Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Red Fish, Blue Fish

Today's adventure took us into the heart of Vancouver to go to Stanley Park and the aquarium. It was another gorgeous day, and we loved it!

Grammy and Ariel enjoyed watching the jelly fish, and I loved how cool they looked in pictures. Neat-o.

We put Ariel in the bubble, not sure what she thought of that.

There is a newer section for little kids that is super cute! Ariel got to dress up, play doctor to an injured sea lion and watch the bubbles... the bubbles were the main attraction for her... we had a few tears when it was time to go.

We watched a bit of a dolphin show, but we were hungry so we took off to find food. Anyone find it odd that they serve fish and chips at the aquarium? Either way, they were yummy and Ariel loved them... she also had some of Uncle Dan's veggie burger.

Afterwards, we had a walk along through the park and along the seawall.

Crazy Dan climbed up a tree.

Ariel is trying to be like Uncle Dan... hee.

We parted ways for a brief nap and so we could take Ariel to swimming lessons. Daddy joined us today which was fun. Once class was over we joined up again for a late dinner at White Spot. Ariel had her first Pirate Pack. Yum.

Ariel is now in bed and Ken and Dan are watching weird stuff downstairs... guess its bedtime for me. Bye!

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