Monday, August 06, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

So our long weekend has been wonderful. Lots of hanging out together and getting some things done in preparation of the coming family visit and big birthday party! I have been working on her photo memory video that will be shown at the party. Its hard to whittle down the thousands (yes thousands) of pictures we took over the year, to just the best ones. In the end, we are looking at just over 200 pictures. It was a huge job, but I can't wait to see it come together! I will post it on here after the party. Hee.

Took Ariel to watch the boats one night, went to the park and we got out to Richmond to buy some snacks for the party today. I had some points saved at Superstore, which ended up totalling $110 of free goodies. Afterwards we thought it be fun to have lunch at Pizza Hut, in reflection of Ariel turning one.

If anyone is wondering the connection, there are several. One, I had SERIOUS pizza cravings during my pregnancy, and various family would take me to lunch to keep me and baby happy. Secondly, during my several days of back and forth to the hospital for inducing, my patience crumbling steadily, Ken took me for pizza to relax and chill out. Finally, after being at the hospital 5 days, I was released with my new little girl, and we picked up a pizza to have lunch with Nana and Papa, as it was his 80th birthday, and I missed the party while being in the hospital. Lol, yes, its an odd story, but for us, its something cute to look back on. Our favorite moment had to be when we were put at the same table we sat at last year, only Ariel joined us. It was very special, and she proved that she could eat us under the table in the pizza department, so those cravings were in fact her!

After a lazy afternoon and leftovers for dinner, we took on the task of cutting the princess' royal locks! She is getting her picture taken later this week, you know the classic shot with the giant number one, hee, so nice hair is a must. It was kinda sad to be cutting it, but I didn't take much off, just cleaned it up. Its funny since most people think we already had cut it because how nice the back has grown in, but no, tonight was the official first cut!

At first she wasn't too sure what was going to happen.

Then decided she was right, she didn't like the idea of this plan.

But when daddy put on a funny show, she perked up and forgot what was happening.

The back is now cleaned up!

The final product! What a pretty girl!

On the Saturday morning, I had some of my high school friends over for a visit, as Julie and her hubby were in town seeing her family. So Gwen and Cindy, along with her 2 kids Samantha and Spencer came over. The kids played with Ariel and had a fun time. Its funny to see us sitting around talking and thinking back that 10 years ago we were sitting in some random hallway doing the same. I am proud that we stayed in touch. Sure some of our group moves away like Ann, but then some come back like Christy and her family. I feel very lucky to have them in my life, even if we only get together now and again.

Ken goes back to work tomorrow, but its a short week and then its vacation time for him!!! He is taking a whole week off, which is wonderful. His mom and brothers arrive on Sunday afternoon, and will leave after the big party on Saturday. We have lots of little day trips planned, including going to Victoria. Can't wait, and neither can Ariel, its like she knows Grammy is on her way. Yay.

Eight sleeps till the big 'ONE'...

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