Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Dance and a Kick in the Pants!

Well tonight we had a real treat. Mike came over to look at our computer and with some magic brought back our thought to be dead D-Drive. This has given us the chance to back up things we didn't get to when we thought the burner was dead, ie Ken's film, all our music and my backups for work. However, its still a kick in the pants for me as I spent a few nights doing extra work again because I had to give it to the client. I couldn't get any discs to read because of them not working... so really it was a happy moment but I was like... dang. I guess that's the world of computers. We are still planning on building a new one, and we will place the order this Saturday morning with Mikey before we go to the PNE. I will be happy to have a new computer again... this one has seen better days... Mikey said he was gonna shoot it. We will miss you Bender... only thing that remains... what will the new computer be named? Ideas?

Today Ariel didn't get a great nap, due to 2 packages arriving and ringing the buzzer. She got a Pixar storybook from her Yaya (Great Grandma on Ken's side) and some money for her education fund from her other Grandpa (Ken's Dad). So instead of sleeping, something I had been looking forward to myself, we played.

She is having a great time with her new fridge magnet set from Grammy. Actually, she discovered that they stick to things other than the fridge, namely the garbage can. Hahaha. She would also do a funny dance when the song played. This gal is footloose. Hee.

The other new game is stealing the kitchen towels. Not sure why its so exciting, maybe its a distraction so that she can get my cel phone. She got it today and I didn't clue in until she walked around the couch to show me, as if to say, 'so you missing anything mommy?' Talk about bold! I got up to grab it and she ran! Little stinker. She was laughing, so apparently its funny. I'll start deducting that education fund to pay for any calls she places to Australia, thank you very much.

So as I head off to watch the Daily Show with my hubby, I leave you with a happy dance!


Brenda said...

Aww, what a cute happy dance! Mallory has the same magnet set but hasn't quite figured out exactly how to get the pieces in right! She does love the song, though! :)

kelly said...

that video is SOOOOO cute! love the happy dance.
that magnet set is awesome; been meaning to get Taeya one, but haven't actually looked for one yet. She does enjoy it at our friend's place though. Glad to see Ariel's figured it out pretty well!

Jeremy & Erin said...

That dance was too cute! She sure is standing well now too, wow. I also like that magnet, I'll have to look around for one of those. Maybe it will keep Carter out of our cabinets??


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