Thursday, August 16, 2007

Burnaby or Bust

Today was a trip to the Burnaby Village Museum. I haven't been there since I was a kid, and its just as cute as I remember. I must say after going to Greenfield village in Michigan, that this one is very small in comparison, but still a hoot. Ariel enjoyed playing with the old fashioned toys.

Ken looked into a possible lazy liver...

Ariel got her picture taken, old school style, hee. She even got a handmade stocking hook at the blacksmith shop. How special!

We even took a ride on the carousel! I wasn't ready for how fast it was going to go, kinda felt a bit dizzy and sick... unlike the 3 little girls who kept riding over and over. Ugh. No thanks. Ariel loved it, and I think may not have gotten her mom's tender tummy. Lucky girl.

Afterwards we went to Granville Island for a bit. Ariel and Grammy had some frap, yum.

Dan went on a brewery tour and tasting.

Daddy played with some puppets.

After swimming class, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner... and boy it wasn't the usual good experience. First off, they only had one waitress working the whole place, I felt bad for her. Then we were confused, we wanted to order 2 larges and they didn't have any large pans tonight. Um what? That I didn't get, but rather than complain we ordered 2 mediums and enjoyed our dinner. We asked for crayons for Ariel, and she brought them, with no paper... I think a letter may be in order. Just for the record though, this was the night we were treating for dinner, so of course we get the strange things. Haha. In the end it was yummy and Ariel was left asking, why no leftovers?

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